Introducing our Talent Acquisition Delivery System

If you want to attract the very best senior and commercial talent into your business you need to adopt a very different approach and work with a trusted partner that really understands you, the needs of Beers, Wines and Spirits companies, has access to the top 15% of candidates in your market who are not actively looking.

TADS - A Six-Step Process

Our unique Blackstar Search "TADS" programme provides you with access to a system that maps the entire Senior Commercial Management talent pool and then attracts them into our system. We connect you with the very best professionals, ensuring that you don’t waste your time considering and interviewing sub-standard candidates.

Talent Acquisition Delivery System

Precision analysis and understanding


Digital Market Mapping


Candidate Attainment Platform


Candidate Shortlist


Interview Preparation and Management


Coaching through offer and retention programme

Precision analysis and understanding

We deep dive into your business culture, objectives and needs to identify precisely what the top 15% looks like in your market.

Digital Market Mapping

Digitally map out the top 15% target market using our system that has mapped out 92% of the Global Beers, Wines & Spirits Commercial marketplace and create an ideal candidate profile to narrow in on the top 15%.

Candidate Attainment Platform

5 touch system: our 24/7/365 automated digital platform is activated. Over the course of the following 2 weeks we will have reached out to the top tier of our target audience and follow up with human intervention.

Candidate Shortlist

We present a select number of carefully targeted members of the top 15% of your marketplace along with custom profiles to map their motivations as well as skills and accomplishments.

Interview Preparation and Management

Facilitating a successful interview means we handle the scheduling and provide you with insights into each candidates’ motivations and ongoing interest. We also ensure that all unsuccessful candidates receive feedback and leave the process with a positive view of your company.

Coaching through offer and retention programme

We ensure a straightforward offer acceptance, resignation and onboarding process, covering counter offers, start dates, maintaining contact during notice period and throughout their first year with your business.

Unparalleled Global Reach

Although Blackstar Search are based in UK, we partner with offices across the Globe. We have our Global headquarters in Dunstable, UK but have recruitment partners across Europe, USA, Canada, Latin America, Asia and Australasia.

We have unparalleled Global reach through our partners at NPA Worldwide which will allow you to have the same professional service for all International needs with just one point of contact.

The benefits to you are that:

We manage the process, find, attract and interview the candidates initially through our partner offices in their home country, saving you time

We interview thoroughly and shortlist only the top candidates through our UK office, ensuring you only receive quality.

We take personal responsibility for all aspects of the process, including interview scheduling, offer acceptance, managing the resignation process including counter offers, and onboarding, saving you time and money.

In short, the service we provide you is exactly the same no matter where in the world your needs are ensuring you only receive quality.

Your Outcomes

Increased visibility in the market

to attract the top 15% of Senior Commercial Directors and Managers in the Global Beers, Wines & Spirits market.

Vast reduction in the risk of a bad hire

in your commercial leadership team means a higher focus on developing your business.

Lower recruitment costs

as more effective hires and greater retention will avoid the huge costs associated with a bad hire.

Speed in filling business-critical roles

quickly enabling you to focus on the important role of managing the business allowing your new hire to 'hit the ground running'.

How To Engage Us

Let us help you find that top performer who will be able to make a positive impact on your entire team.

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